The International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal

ISSN 1837-0020

The International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal is an international, peer reviewed, Internet journal with a particular focus on the visual arts and young children.It aims to disseminate quality, contemporary, scholarly research and ideas in the area of art in early childhood. Its articles will challenge readers to question assumptions they might have about the role of the visual arts for young children.

The journal is linked to the International Association of Art in Early Childhood and the biennial International Conference Art in Early Childhood. The journal, along with the Association and conferences, hopes to provide a much-needed, dedicated platform from which to share research as well as fill a void in the literature on art in early childhood.  The journal is double, blind peer reviewed in order to meet the criteria for registration with the Department of Education and Training in Australia. The journal is published once a year.

Editorial board

Volunteers on the editorial board are selected according to the expertise needed for reviewing the particular articles in each edition. We are always looking for academics with a specialization in the area of art and early childhood to join our editorial panel. If you are interested in reviewing articles for this journal please contact Dr Margaret Brooks.

Each journal will list the editorial board.


We are seeking contributions from researchers around the world. If you are doing interesting research in art in early childhood please consider sharing your ideas and findings with this forum.

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