About Our Logo

The creation of the banner and logo

A peacock feather was chosen as a symbol that would capture the intent of this association for art in early childhood. This forum had to be a place where there is equal opportunity to speak and be heard. We had to be globally inclusive and open to alternate ways of thinking about the arts. In a talking circle a feather is held by the speaker giving them both authority and courage to speak. We must listen respectfully.

The peacock feather has many different meanings attached to it from countries around the world. It symbolizes unity, wisdom and vision, good luck and well-being and a compassionate watchfulness. We want all of this and more. 

I wanted children to be involved in the process of creating the symbols, so I invited a small group of children from a local preschool to help us. 

For more information about the International Association of Art in Early Childhood and our teaching resources, please contact us.