2023 Research Journal #1

International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal

This edition of the Journal comes from selected presentations given at the Exeter, England, Art in Early Childhood conference 2023

Disclaimer: The views in this journal do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors

Article 1 Dr Kathy Danko-McGhee
Black On White And White On Black: Where Toddler’s Artistic Creations And Babies’ Aesthetic Engagement Meet
Article 2 Dr Rebecca Heaton Nurturing Cognition Through Children’S Early Drawing Experiences
Article 3 Martina Janßen “Luis And His Mountain”. A Phenomenological Glance At Early Art Education With Maurice Merlau-Ponty
Article 4 Eleni Karasavvidou Haunted Childhoods: Exploring Intercultural Perspectives Of Refugee Children Drawings
Article 5 Debi Keyte-Hartland Focussing On Drawing In Early Childhood: Moving Beyond Realism To Cultivating A Dynamic Engagement With Art In The Environment
Article 6 Naomi Lifschitz-Grant How A Deeper Understanding Of The National Visual Arts Standards Can Help Support Pre-Service Teachers In Designing edTPA Learning Segments
Article 7 Clare Murray “We Can Talk And Draw At The Same Time!”
Article 8 Sabine Plamper, Titia Sprey and Annet Weterings Material Research Offered As Creative Play
Article 9 Margaret Brooks Review Of A New Book; “How Children Learn And Create Using Art, Play, And Science: Understanding Through Your Hands” By Sabine Plamper And Annet Weterings, Routledge Publisher 2024

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